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Monochrome Living Room

Every time, I want to take a break from work, I somehow end up ‘researching’ interior inspiration!

Currently, Óskar and I have two different sites to arrange, conceptualise and (re-)furniture: our flats in Stockholm and Hamburg. In the still quite new and empty space in Stockholm, we decided for a colour range of white, grey and black. My passion is – off course – white furniture, but I can cope with some darker pieces, too. As long as they don’t add too much colour. Since we have brown wooden floor in Stockholm, we need to take care that the appartment doesn’t get too dark in general.

In Hamburg, we laid a white floor last summer and I’m completely thrilled by it. Although the furnishing is almost finished, I always find some new details I want to add or get rid of again. At the moment, I’m looking for a new comfy white sofa and want to get rid of the old one. Living rooms are a tricky field! Still, it’s kind of a challenge to keep the appartement as empty as possible since we always need space to breathe and some ‘interior voids’ for ongoing creativity.

But up to the point that I’ll be satisfied with the result, I keep on immersing myself into some pictorial inspiration. Such a good reason to take a break! x

Minimalist Interior Monochrome Living Room

Inspirational Source

Einar Jolin Stockholm Painting Pastel Colours

Beautiful Stockholm City Centre with Flowers

Like an Einar Jolin Painting

Do you know the beautiful works by Swedish modernist Einar Jolin?

According to the nickname “Elegant Einar”, it was his signature look to create reduced compositions and to cover his motifs with layers of pastel tones. Especially his cityscape paintings of inner Stockholm aroused my interest – they’re painterly complex and simplistically beautiful at the same time. Einar Jolin’s city motifs such as the undated work Stockholm från Söder are painted from a bird’s eye view and offer a so-to-speak calmed version of the industrialised modern city. The usually vivid veins of the city – trains and streets with bustling activity – seem to turn into aesthetically emptied and geometrised patterns.

Somehow, our photographs of Stockholm from last week made me feel like being part of such a Jolin painting that dates back to modernist aesthetics and that is still yet to come. The pastel-coloured skyline of buildings at Stockholm’s waterside are simply captivating in their very own fashion.


Flowers in Stockholm Sweden Gamla Stan

OOTD Allblack Fashionblogger from Stockholm Sweden

Spring in Stockholm Gamla Stan Skeppsholmen


Gamla Stan Stockholm Travelblogger


Nordic Minimalism Stockholm Sweden


Scandinavian Fashionblog Sweden Stockholm


Viking in Stockholm Sweden


Skeppsholmen Stockholm Sverige


Modebloggare Stockholm Sverige


Harbour in Stockholm OOTD Allblack


Fashionblogger in Stockholm City


Spring in Stockholm Gamla Stan Sweden

Spring in Stockholm

It’s finally spring in Stockholm! Today, Óskar and I went to Moderna Museet (which I love) and spent a wonderful afternoon in the late sun afterwards. It was actually the first time this year that I went out without a jacket or cardigan and didn’t feel cold.

Since Stockholm’s city centre is incredibly beautiful, but not yet crowded with tourists in early May, it’s definitely my favourite spot on earth to be right now. By the way – and I know that I’ve been mentioning it quite often – I can’t tell how lovely it is to spend time with Óskar. I’m such a lucky girl to have him in my life.

Here’s a short list of my favourite things to do in Stockholm in spring

  • Sitting at the quay and let my legs dangle above the water of the harbour
  • Eating chocolate ice-cream scoops with colourful sprinkles
  • Looking forward to eurovision in Stockholm although I probably don’t like a single song (except the Icelandic version of the song by Greta Salomé)
  • Going out for dinner with Óskar and sharing two dishes in the end since I find it so hard to make my choice
  • Listening to Jonathan Johansson’s Stockholm on repeat



Iceland Travel Blog Hot Tub Travel Days

Travel Days

Last Thursday, it suddenly sprang to my mind to go to Berlin for the weekend! Although I’m definitely no “Berlin girl” and no big fan of so-called metropolises, I had a wonderful time over there!
The initial impulse for the short trip was a theatre festival that I didn’t want to miss since it sounded more than promising! Thus, I spent Friday and Saturday night at the theatre and saw two shows that were really thought-provoking. Both times, I went out of the building feeling confused and animated at the same time – which is always a good sign!

Because of this inspiring experience, I couldn’t help myself and booked a last-minute flight to Vienna for Tuesday to see another theatre show that I really fancy to see! I’ve been thinking about this show for a couple of weeks beforehand. But since it’s a travel of more than 1000km, it didn’t feel right to go all the way down to central Europe just to spend four interesting hours in a theatre building. But — YOLO. There’s nothing more to say. 🙂 The travel bug has bitten me again.
I’m going to stay in Vienna for more or less 20 hours before I go back, and hope that this long day traveling back and forth won’t be too exhausting.

On Thursday, I’ll finally be on my way to Stockholm. First, there’ll be some work to do. Afterwards, I look forward to spending a wonderful weekend off-duty with the one and only Óskar. I literally can’t wait!


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